Peace Begins with You

The Mission of TPRF

is a simple one: to address the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. All the activities and programs of the Foundation are designed to support the right of every human being to these fundamental elements of being human:

Dignity - Peace - Prosperity

The Foundaton’s premise is that where the dignity of others is respected, peace can manifest within individuals and between peoples. Throughout the ages, times of peace have been the times of the greatest prosperity for all. The Foundation focuses on three main areas:

Message of Peace

Peace Education Program

Food for People

TPRF is a US-based public non-profit charity organization, whose worldwide efforts are funded by the generosity of donors from over 50 countries. Most of the Foundation’s staff, including the Board of Directors, are volunteers.

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Feature Stories

The Peace Education Program: “A remarkable degree of success”

The Peace Education Program: “A remarkable degree of success”

Since the introduction of the Peace Education Program (PEP) to prisons and jails in 2007—and its extension to many other audiences five years later—many thousands of people have had the chance to explore the possibility of personal peace in their lives. With requests...

Real Stories Blog

First-hand accounts from the field

- Kamisha Kumarasri

Project for Awesome Kamisha Kumarasri is a 15-year-old sophomore at Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Florida. She has many interests, especially in science and the arts. Project for Awesome was Kamisha’s first experience producing a video. She learned a lot and looks forward to making another for the next Project for Awesome competition. […]

- Liam Ryan

Joking, Laughing, Yet Totally Serious Liam Ryan runs an architectural practice in the midlands in Ireland, is looking forward to the launch of a volume of his poetry in Spring 2015 and has been facilitating PEP in the high security Portlaoise Prison, near where he lives, since the beginning of 2014. His golf handicap has suffered! […]

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