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The Mission of TPRF

is to address the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, TPRF is dedicated to helping build a world at peace, one person at a time, so that people can live with:

Dignity - Peace - Prosperity

Peace for People: TPRF works to advance Prem Rawat’s message that peace is possible for each individual—that peace is both an inner resource and innate right. It is through the discovery of personal peace that world peace will emerge. Peace Education Program (PEP): The Peace Education Program is designed to help participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace. Food for People (FFP): FFP is a model food program for rural villages in poverty-stricken areas that is bringing about significant improvements in school attendance and achievement, community health, and economic outlook.

TPRF is a US-based public non-profit charity organization, whose worldwide efforts are funded by the generosity of donors from over 50 countries. Most of the Foundation’s staff, including the Board of Directors, are volunteers. Learn more about TPRF here.

Feature Stories

Weaving Peace Education into India’s Central Silk Board

Weaving Peace Education into India’s Central Silk Board

Known as the “Queen of Textiles,” silk is a shimmering fabric that often signifies comfort, elegance, and style. The silk industry is a big business in India, and the government’s Ministry of Textiles supports it through a large agency called the Central Silk Board. The Silk Board recently started offering the Peace Education Program (PEP) to employees, with great results.

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First-hand accounts from the field

- Becky Resnick

Hope and Healing in Rwanda: African Nation Embraces First PEP Becky Resnick is a volunteer with The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) who lives in Seattle, Washington. She recently helped facilitate the first Peace Education Program (PEP) in Rwanda. Here is her story: I traveled to Rwanda for the first time in the fall of 2014 to do some volunteer work and […]

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