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The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF)

Giving by Check or Credit Card via Mail

Your donation will support the ongoing efforts of TPRF. Please print and complete this form and mail with your check or credit card information to TPRF at the address below. (Please DO NOT email this information - this form is to be printed and physically sent via mail or other courier service. Online credit card donations may be submitted securely here).

Allocate My Contribution

□ Where the need is greatest

□ Peace Education Program (PEP)

□ Food for People Program (FFP)

□ Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

Billing Information:

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ____________________State/Province:________________ Zip:________

Country: _________________Phone: __________________________________

E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________

Postal Address:        □  Same as billing address

Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ____________________State/Province:________________ Zip:________

Country: _________________Phone: __________________________________

Payment Information:

___  Enclosed is my check payable to TPRF in the amount of $___________ (U.S.Dollars)

___  I would like to make a donation by credit card in the amount of $__________ (U.S. Dollars)

___  Please make this a monthly donation

Name on card: ____________________________________________________

Visa ____    MasterCard _____   Discover Card ______  American Express ________

Credit card number: ________________________________________________

Security number:  ______ The last three digits on the back of your card or the four digits on the front of your Amex card 

Expiration Date: _______________



TPRF Donor Relations

P.O. Box 24-1498

Los Angeles, CA  90024  U.S.A

Telephone 310.392.5700


If you are a U.S. taxpayer, your donation must be received by December 31st to be deductible for the same calendar year.

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