TPRF YouTube Manager, Social Media Team

OBJECTIVE:  Use Social Media in order to support and fulfill the Mission of TPRF via You Tube

ANSWERS TO:  TPRF Social Media Manager

DESCRIPTION: Develop and manage TPRF’s YouTube presence to be timely, lively, engaging, and complementary to TPRF’s other social media presences.


Broaden the public awareness of TPRF and increase the number of its supporters

Engage TPRF supporters in dialogue and other constructive online actions

Enhance the public perception of TPRF as a positive force in the world

Cultivate a broader interest in the message of peace of TPRF’s founder



Administer TPRF’s online presence in YouTube

Keep up with TPRF’s information and media (photo & video) flow via and team email communication

Keep up with TPRF’s other social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Causes and via team email communication

Conceive of YouTube-specific needs and communicate to media and communications teams

Upload TPRF videos to YouTube

Review constituent inputs and respond as needed

Develop and execute strategies to increase TPRF’s YouTube following

Discover YouTube statistics, define key metrics, monitor and report monthly  

Occasionally use simple (free) online editing tools



Good English writing ability

Familiarity with the world of social media and its language

Constituent relationship-building via online communication


CONTACT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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