An Unforgettable Evening

On Friday August 2, volunteers and friends held a Concert for Peace, as part of the Hudson Music Festival in Quebec, to raise funds for TPRF. A crowd of nearly 150 strong packed into the Big Top marquee for an unforgettable evening. Host band Sweetfield, with lead vocals by Sonja Ball, opened the evening with five original, uplifting songs. Percussionist Zale Seck and his nephew surprised the audience with their infectious rhythms, and the broadest smiles ever seen. The music was such an irresistible invitation to dance that it brought the audience to their feet.

Most of the acts had well-known performers: multi-instrumentalist and singer Jeff Smallwood, who is currently producing Celine Dion's latest show; Quebec blues guitar legend Jimmy James; and virtuoso pianist Jeff Fisher. Nanette Workman was the rock-star of the event. A Mississippi native who adopted Quebec when she was in her twenties, Workman went on to sing back-up vocals with the Rolling Stones and has had a successful singing career since the 1970’s. The concert ended with all the musicians on stage singing Imagine by John Lennon. A palpable feeling of warmth and joy filled the marquee, said the organizers. 

Volunteer Sonja said, "Folks were truly having an experience. One lady told me that the peace theme of the show and quebec singersthe video and music presentations all touched her deeply, and she was brought to tears several times throughout the night. That alone was worth the many hours of work. The whole thing surpassed my wildest expectations! I couldn't have done it without the help of the wonderful sponsors and volunteers."

A brief video introduced the work of TPRF, and after intermission the recently released video “Where is Peace?” was shown. Through posters, press conferences, and newspaper coverage, the Concert for Peace was very successful as an awareness raiser of the Foundation’s work as well as a fundraiser. After expenses, the concert raised around $1,000 for the Foundation’s projects.

One of the Hudson Music Festival organizers said, "The Grand Gala Concert for Peace was an event unsurpassed at this year's Hudson Music Festival. We were blessed with some of the best talent in Quebec... and we are absolutely thrilled by the response it has received from all who attended.”

Many people left enthusiastic comments online, praising the concert for its wonderful music and designating it the “highlight of the Hudson Music Festival”. Said one delighted music lover, “It was soul nourishing! Definitely got my money's worth. I've been saying all day, I would have easily paid a whole lot more for the fabulous experience I'll never forget!

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