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Prem Rawat’s “Words of Peace” Receives Brazilian TV Award

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Prem Rawat’s “Words of Peace” Receives Brazilian TV Award

São Paulo, December 20, 2006 “Words of Peace,” a TV program featuring highlights from the message of peace of Prem Rawat, received the Brazilian Association of Community Television Channels (ABCCOM) highest award for the second time in three years.

During a gala dinner in São Paolo attended by 900 media executives, as well as business, civic, and government leaders, Fernando Mauro Trezza, president of the association, presented the award for TV programming that makes a significant contribution to society. “Words of Peace” also received this award in 2004.

“‘Words of Peace’ is an important program for our community,” Mr. Mauro said, “and for our lives. ‘Words of Peace’ shows us the correct dimension of what is really important in our life. Also, ‘Words of Peace’ stands out in television programming because it is appropriate for all audiences.”

Fernando Mauro went on to explain the popularity of the program. “Good feelings reign in the hearts of Brazilians. These good feelings should be shining out everywhere over the darkness and the unnatural absence of kindness and happiness. The great success of ‘Words of Peace’ is generated from the viewers’ natural identification with Prem Rawat’s wise message of inner peace. We extend our gratitude to Prem Rawat, the Ambassador of Peace.”

Prem Rawat, known widely as Maharaji, was granted the title of Ambassador of Peace by Pierre Weil, rector of the International University of Peace, during the International Festival of Peace held in Florianópolis last September. Representatives of two international universities of peace, UNIPAZ and UMAPAZ, attended the television award ceremony in honor of “Words of Peace.”

Prem Rawat has traveled the world for more than four decades, inspiring people to find peace within. Through “Words of Peace,” his message currently reaches people in more than 90 countries and 70 languages each week.

The program was first shown on cable in Brazil in 2003 in São Paulo only. It quickly expanded to other cities in the state of São Paulo and to Rio de Janeiro, Caxias do Sul, Porto Alegre, and Florianópolis. It is currently broadcasted weekly by four networks. In 2007, “Words of Peace” will be aired on at least 38 channels throughout Brazil, and the number of interested channels is constantly growing.

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