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The Lamp that Needs to Shine
Prem Rawat speaking at London's Guildhall

Prem Rawat speaking at London's Guildhall

What I talk about is something very, very simple. I don’t have a written speech to give—just words from my heart. Sometimes it is the little things in life that have the most significant impact. Little things like peace being felt in the heart of every human being. The formula of “peace, then prosperity” was set forth a long time ago.

We sometimes forget that we are human beings who have very simple needs. On the top of the list has always been to feel contentment, to feel a heart full of joy, to feel peace within. This is a need we all have, irrespective of religion. Just like there are so many different cuisines, but they all have food that satisfies hunger. We get caught up in the recipes and forget about the hunger.

Prem Rawat speaking at London's Guildhall

I go around from place to place reminding people of the most important things in their lives. Simple things—not complex things. I see wars in this world. Nobody likes wars, and yet they happen again and again. And every time there is a war, there is a call for peace. It is not a new call, but one that has always been there, for it comes from within us. The quest for peace is within us, and the solution for peace also lies within us. This is who we are.

We are human beings striving, each in our own way, to reach the same goal. Maybe some people have more resources and others very few, but the driving force is exactly the same for everyone. The same ambition drives us all. Aside from all our accomplishments, a lamp shines in the heart of every human being. This is the lamp that needs to shine. In this time of great darkness where people are fighting with their own kind, that lamp needs to shine as bright as it possibly can.

Prem Rawat speaking at London's Guildhall

What I say to people is that if you are looking for peace, turn within. Look for the other things you want, but also look within. People find that to be a powerful message. I can understand why. Sometimes we forget those simple little things. We go fumbling in the darkness while the solution has always been with us. A little opening of the heart, a little shining of the lamp, and we don’t have to stub our toes on all the obstacles out there.

Simple it is. Simple it will be. Simple it always has been. Peace, then prosperity. Your own call, your own thirst, your own wisdom you feel within. Let them be true. Let them be real. Peace is not a fiction. Peace is not a work created by someone else. Peace is that one flower that is held by every human being. And that is what peace needs to be.

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The Lamp that Needs to Shine
Prem Rawat at London's Guidlhall
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