The Handing Over

The development team reached the first milestone towards building the Food for People center in Ghana by completing the documentation necessary to transfer the land gifted by the Chief for the facility. Kafui Esi Adjei sent this report describing the ceremony held to...

Voices of Otinibi

Stephen, another junior high school student, is excited that he and his classmates will soon have nutritious meals and will therefore be able to concentrate better in class. This will enable them to have better grades at the end of the term.

Growing Up in Ghana

TPRF has chosen Bernard T Modey as the Project Manager for the Food for People development team. Here is Bernard’s story in his own words. I grew up in a small town in Ghana. My father, of blessed memory, was an ex-soldier (World War II) who became a schoolteacher. He...

Village Life in Ghana

Village life is unrushed, unlike the hectic pace of a city like Accra, where traffic snarls are common, and street-merchants rush at pedestrians hawking everything under the sun. Villagers share a deep history and strong traditions. There is a huge importance placed on family and customs.

A Square Meal for a Good Life

Life is challenging enough for those of us who have the good fortune to eat three square meals a day. Imagine what it would feel like to go to work every day on an empty stomach? The handicap of hunger can be compared to a runner trying to compete in a marathon with weights attached to his or her legs.