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Food for Education

“Sometimes we had enough food and other times not. We faced a lot of problems. It took me three years to pass the exam at the end of grade one. Then I realized that we should study. My senior brothers stepped up to higher classes, but I remained in lower ones. I would also have gone to higher classes if I had the chance to study regularly.”

Remembering the Beginning, Part Two

You may remember that when I left off telling the story of the opening of the first Food for People facility, the local Bantoli children and adults were just climbing the steps, about to enter the new, modern dining hall. The very wide stone steps leading up to the...

Remembering the Beginning, Part One

As the paperwork and planning for the new Food for People (FFP) facility in Africa is wrapping up, I have been flashing back on my personal experiences with the current FFP  facilities operating in India and Nepal. I’d like to share my reflections with you on this...