Update: Peace Education Program in Maryland

I remember one person saying how much he enjoyed the classes because they weren’t focused on problems. He described how many of the programs offered in the correctional facility focus on an individual’s problems. He felt it was a real relief to be able to attend a class that offered solutions that can be found inside.

What Does Peace Inspire?

At the “Peace and Well-being” confrence in Brussels, I discovered that a message of peace inspires and encourages the reduction in conflict, one day at a time. It encourages better education so our children can find other ways to resolve their differences and it supports reduced violence in the home and better workplace relationships.

A Commitment To Clean Water

WaterAid’s comprehensive effort to prevent the spread of disease from the floods in Pakistan included the use of temporary tankers to deliver fresh water directly to survivors. In addition, purification tablets, rehydration salts, and basic hygiene kits containing soap, toothbrushes, combs, towels, and water vessels were distributed widely