101 Little Treasures

CCF continues to see transformations just like Srey Lin’s. Poor families who were unable to provide basic nutrition to their children are proudly watching as their children grow into healthy and happy individuals who are filling their bellies with nutritious meals and their minds with education—essential ingredients to alleviating poverty.

Ghana – Un milagro se hace posible

Kafui Esi Adjei es una colaboradora habitual en el blog. Casada con Emmanuel Adjei, cuya compañía constructora está levantando el centro de Food for People (Alimento para la gente) en Ghana. Kafui y Emmanuel tienen tres niños y ella es la directora gerente de la...

FFP Ghana–The Making of a Miracle

Everyone is feeling really blessed and happy. School enrollments are growing daily since the project began. Now, we have 400 students enrolled in the Otinibi School. An Assemblyman told me he expects 100 students from four neighboring villages to come to Food for People for regular meals.

Invitación para la paz

Durante más de tres años, Marcela Isaurralde, Silvia Acosta y Edith Lombardia, han trabajado sin descanso para llevar el mensaje de paz de Prem Rawat a las reclusas de la prisión de Ezeiza, situada a casi cincuenta kilómetros de Buenos Aires, Argentina. El equipo ha...

Inviting Peace In

At the beginning of the year, we met with the director of Unit 1, a huge prison ten-minute walk from the women’s prison. Unit 1 houses 1,700 inmates, mainly men, with a staff of 1,200. The director heard Prem Rawat speak when he came here last year and invited us to start a workshop there, too. We told him that Prem Rawat might come to South America again soon, and he said, “Let’s invite him. His message will help the inmates!” We happily agreed!