Cartas de recomendación del PEP

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James Mayes – NC Agricultural and Technical State University – USA

The Peace Education Program comes at a critical time in the history of corrections.

Val Lamberti – Buncombe County Detention Facility, NC – USA

The perfect place to plant a seed of hope and change is in a correctional facility.

Jefferey Whiting – Atlanta Transitional Center, Georgia – USA

I have personally observed the growth and inner peace residents have by completing this program.

Cusco Women’s Penitentiary Establishment – Lima, Peru

The Peace Education Program…develop(s) positive attitudes in our inmates that is a strong support to our work with the inmates.

Tivani Makasane – Zonderwater Prison, Republic of South Africa

This programme has enlightened and empowered a lot of offenders to have peace within them and it also taught them to forgive other people. Some of them before the inception of the programme were always having conflict and anger within. After they attended the programme, they started to have peace.

PEP Program at Fairway Branch library – Sun City, AZ – USA

I was fortunate to attend many of the workshops and came away with tools that I believe will help me to tap that resource of inner peace that I know is there and within reach.

Joaquin Castro – State Representative, San Antonio, Texas – USA

I want to say thank you for spreading the word that we should never give up on people, that we should always believe that within people’s hearts, there is a place for redemption and that that redemption can start with the self.

Steve Steurer – Correctional Education Association, Elkridge, MD – USA

I had the personal opportunity to hear Mr. Prem Rawat speak in person and have worked closely with several TPRF volunteers. Given the opportunity, I think you will find that many of the offenders in your facility will be affected in a positive way by Mr. Rawat’s message of peace. I recommend this program to you as an effective means to help increase the harmony within individuals and the community in which you serve.

Lorenzo Carter – Dominguez Jail – San Antonio, Texas – USA

Almost four years later the program is still turning out good offenders that have gone back out into society and do not return to the Dominguez unit…The behavior of those who attend the program has noticeably improved and their disciplinary record has gone way down, if not totally.