Guidelines: Independent Fundraising Events for the Benefit of TPRF

Thank you for your interest in supporting the programs and activities of The Prem Rawat Foundation (“TPRF”) through independent initiatives aiming either to raise funds or to introduce the Foundation and its work. TPRF appreciates these efforts and benefits from the increased awareness of TPRF’s Programs, as well as from the funds that are raised. It is important to note that in accordance with TPRF’s policies, TPRF does not endorse or sponsor these independently organized events. The guidelines below are offered to help address most of the frequently asked questions and to clarify some important points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will TPRF sponsor and/or promote events that are independently organized to benefit TPRF or one of its Programs?

TPRF was founded by Prem Rawat to promote his vision of addressing fundamental human needs so that people everywhere can live with dignity, peace and prosperity. TPRF sponsors, organizes, and is involved only in those programs or events that TPRF directly participates in. Independently organized fundraising events to benefit TPRF are the sole responsibility of those individuals and/or entities that sponsor and/or organize them and should not convey the impression that they are TPRF Programs or endorsed by TPRF.

How do we make it clear that TPRF is not sponsoring our fundraising event?

The appearance and wording of the invitation needs to be very clear. A suggested way of promoting your event is: “Funds raised will go to support the programs of TPRF.”

Can we use the TPRF logo on the invitation?

The logo may be used to identify the organization(s) benefitting from the proceeds of a fundraising activity. In this case, the logo should be small in size and placed in a location that is not prominent, so it does not give the impression that TPRF is hosting or sponsoring the activity. Before printing or use, please send it to someone from the Independent Fundraising team for final review.

Will TPRF help with our fundraising activity?

TPRF will make available relevant information and materials related to TPRF’s Programs. Additionally, someone from TPRF’s Independent Fundraising team will be available to answer questions.

What can we do to ensure our event will be successful?

You may want to arrange for a project manager who will develop a step-by-step plan, organize volunteers, and prepare a budget. If the purpose of the event is to introduce people to TPRF as opposed to raising funds, the costs should be subsidized locally, not by, for example, ticket fees or donations to attend. If the activity is a fundraiser, your budget should allow for a contribution of funds after event costs have been paid.

In any case, keep careful track of expenses. Proper planning and preparation ensures that your event will be fun and enjoyed by planners and participants alike. If live music or other performers will be part of your event, please request specific guidelines related to performers and expenses. Someone from the Independent Fundraising Team will work with you as your plans unfold, if you wish.

If there is no official TPRF representative at the event, how should we prepare to respond to questions about the Foundation?

Volunteers should review TPRF’s Programs on If someone is not clear on the answer to a question asked by an attendee, simply ask that he/she refer people to TPRF’s website or inform the person asking the question that a TPRF representative will get back to them with the answer—and be sure to follow up!

Can our event raise funds for specific TPRF Program?

Yes. Please verify with TPRF that your choice is a currently funded program and that you have current information about it. Be sure to designate your choice again when you submit revenue after your event.

Should I inform TPRF about my plans to sponsor an event?

Yes. While the Foundation cannot be responsible for your event, it can provide additional information, respond to questions you may have, and possibly put you in touch with others who have successfully held similar events. To inform TPRF, go to Event Submission Form in this section of the website. You will then be contacted by a member of the fundraising team.

Best wishes for a successful event!