Frequently asked questions about PEP

What is the Prem Rawat Foundation?

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is a nonprofit public foundation created in 2001. The mission of TPRF is to address the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace so that people can live with dignity, peace, and prosperity. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, TPRF is dedicated to helping build a world at peace, one person at a time. Learn more about TPRF at

What is the Peace Education Program (PEP)?

Developed by TPRF, the Peace Education Program offers several courses, each consisting of 10 multimedia facilitated workshops based on themes designed to explore one’s inner resources. The content of each themed workshop is based on excerpts from the international talks about personal peace by TPRF’s founder, Prem Rawat.

What are the 10 themes of PEP?

They are: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, Hope, and Contentment.

What are the objectives of PEP?

For participants to:
1. Understand the possibility of personal peace
2. Become aware of their inner resources such as: clarity, hope, and choice
3. Recognize their innate value

What kind of experience or training does the PEP Facilitator require?

The facilitator does not act as a teacher. The role of the facilitator is very simple and requires no specific expertise: it is to play the DVDs, hand out materials, arrange breaks if needed, and to offer time for reflection and/or individual expressions. The program is about individual self-discovery—something that is unique for each person. Participation should be voluntary.

Where is PEP being presented?

PEP is currently offered in a wide variety of settings globally and is available in many languages. Just a few examples of organizations hosting PEP include correctional facilities, civic centers, adult education programs, healthcare settings, senior centers, and veterans groups. PEP continues to expand to a greater variety and number of settings every month.

What is involved in starting a PEP?

1. A team of at least 2 people is recommended. Volunteer Licensees need a Facility interested to host the PEP. The facility organization may supplement the team, or the organization may obtain its own Direct License and run the PEP independently. For further information about License types, see this page.

2. Visit the Peace Education Program website to become familiar with all of the information about PEP and available PEP resources, including samples of the program, video clips, endorsement letters, and more. Then proceed to the Getting Started web page.

3. Review the information about Direct and Volunteer License types, and then submit a License Application for the type that applies to you.

4. Your application will be reviewed. Within a day or two, you will receive a notice of approval or a request for more information. The notice of approval will explain the next steps in getting started.

5. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Help Desk

What does TPRF request of PEP Licensees?

Course Reports: Using the PEP Reporting System, you will make a brief online report at the beginning and at the end of each Course that you offered. This information helps TPRF to track progress worldwide.

Stay in touch: Ongoing email bulletins and other communications with helpful information about PEP are provided to all PEP volunteers and facilitators.

Feedback: TPRF appreciates stories, interviews, anecdotes, quotes, photos, and information about how the program has affected participants. Many of the Foundation’s news articles on the website and social media posts come from reports from facilitators. Quotes from participants (name not needed), photos of the class or individual participants, with their permission, and observations of the facilitators or facility officials help to tell the story of the program firsthand. TPRF can assist you with release forms and advice about the best way to capture these stories, quotes, and photos.

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