PEP Evaluation

An evaluation study was conducted of PEP in June 2014 by Dr. Jamshid Damooei, president of Damooei Global Research. He analyzed 365 surveys from participants worldwide from January 2013–May 2014. Participants assigned a numerical value to 10 statements that correspond to PEP themes before and after the program, ranging from 1–5 (5 is Strongly Agree; 1 is Strongly Disagree). There were also 3 open-ended questions where participants could write their comments: what they liked best about PEP, what could be improved, and any other comments.

The results show “a tremendous improvement with regard to believing that feeling peace is a possibility. Before the program less than 42% believed that feeling peace was possible. After the program, almost 100% believed that it was. Three quarters (74.3%) strongly feel that peace is a possibility in their lives.”