Peace Education Program Course Descriptions

The Peace Education Program offers four courses, each providing material on the same ten themes: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, Hope, and Contentment. The materials are drawn from Prem Rawat’s many international addresses, as well as from media interviews and interactions with a diverse range of people, and animated stories. Accompanying print material for each course includes one-page handouts for each theme, participant workbooks, and a facilitator’s manual. In addition to the video material, each class provides an opportunity for participants’ oral expressions, written reflections, and/or interactive activities.

The varying length and presentation formats in the four Peace Education Program courses provide variety and flexibility for each audience. Rather than being sequential, they allow licensees and facilitators several options in determining the best choice for a particular group of participants. 

A version of PEP Collection adapted for school classroom use is in development and scheduled for release in 2020.

Prem Rawat’s addresses included in these courses come from his visits to 19 countries: Spain, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Israel, South Africa, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and China.

PEP Collection (PEP CL): The Facilitator’s Manual for this course includes interactive and individual activities for participants to further explore each theme. The videos for each theme run for just under 30 minutes. PEP CL is an excellent choice to introduce new participants to the Peace Education Program, and has proven effective for a variety of audiences who benefit from shorter sessions. Teachers of students ranging from middle school through university age have found the course activities effective in drawing out deeper meaning from the course and how it could apply to their lives.

PEP 1: The videos for each theme run for approximately one hour. They include excerpts from Prem Rawat’s international addresses, as long as 30 minutes each, including special presentations to audiences as diverse as the European Union Parliament and inmate populations. A series of animated stories add humor and interest to the material. Overall, the hour-long array of videos offers participants the opportunity to listen more extensively to presentations on each theme.

PEP 2: The videos for each theme run approximately 35 minutes. This course is characterized by interaction between Prem Rawat and a broad range of people. Included are several media interviews and individual exchanges with high school and university students, inmates in correctional institutions, and former gang members in Ecuador. Also included are a brief bio of Prem Rawat and an overview of the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation. The course has proved to be meaningful for all audiences.

PEP 3: The videos for each theme run approximately one hour. They include a brief bio of Prem Rawat and an overview of the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation, as well as animated stories. Of special interest are his visit and commencement address at United World College in Flekke, Norway; the Q&A at TSiBA University in Cape Town, South Africa; his address to boy scouts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and conversations with prison inmates, both male and female, in South Africa and Argentina.

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