Develop and maintain regular communications with local FFP manager, and, with their help, develop relationships with relevant members of the community, such as school officials, parents, students, community leaders, etc. in order to obtain information and stories showing the positive impact of the program.

ANSWERS TO: TPRF Media & Communications Manager


The Food for People Communications Manager is responsible for maintaining regular communication with the local FFP Nepal manager and community contacts, staying informed and up-to-date on program activities, and obtaining content for articles and videos showing the positive impact the program has on the children and communities served by the program.


• Develop and maintain strong working relationship with local FFP managers and community contacts
• Stay informed and up-to-date on the program activities at the facility an obtain monthly reports
• Coordinate with Media and Communications team and community members to arrange and/or conduct interviews with local contacts, to arrange for translation (if needed) and to develop regular stories and videos about the program
• Obtain monthly reports from the FFP facility
• Identify and collect information showing the program’s impact on children, families and communities served
• Work with the local FFP manager to explore ways to expand the use of the facility to benefit the community
• Prepare monthly and quarterly reports on your activities and efforts to increase communication with FFP constituents


• Strong organizational skills
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Experience in working with individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds
• Competence in Nepalese language, fluent in English
• Experience living in Nepal a plus
• Experience in interviewing and writing stories a plus
• Experience in journalism or marketing a plus

REQUIRED RESOURCES: Private personal computer with Word or comparable application, Skype, Internet connection


Within 3 weeks of hiring



4-7 hours a week, sometimes less but likely to be more during training and set up of connections with local contacts.


Please send resume/CV and relevant skills to volunteer@tprf.org