The Student and the Secretary

These letters of appreciation come from residents of Tasarpu village in Nepal.  The TPRF Food for People center here serves six hundred meals daily to children and adults. From Ms. Binita Gautam, Student of Adarsha Secondary School: I’m proud that the Foundation...

Breaking Ground in Ghana

Shadrach Sowah, a class 4 Student, comes to school from Adonteiman, a neighboring village. He normally leaves home at 7AM on foot. When classes end at 2 PM, Shadrach walks back to his home with friends from the same village. For Shadrach, school is a place to study and socialize with classmates. He can’t wait to join the line at the Food for People center when it opens. He considers his school very lucky to be chosen for the program.

Feeding Children in the Yucatan

“My name is Manuel Raz and I am the School Principal. I’m very pleased to see that now the Children don’t complain of headaches or that they are unable to study. Before, all they wanted to do was to go home to eat something, even though there would only be tortillas and some beans. Now, they are able to finish their classes. They go home content, with energy to study and play.”