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Peace Education Videos

This gallery features TPRF videos that show the impact of the Peace Education Program, forums with Prem Rawat, and other peace education initiatives.

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Video: Responses to Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Event in London

In response to a violent crime epidemic in London, Prem Rawat joined leaders, activists, and artists at Lambeth Community College on June 10 to announce a major rollout of the Peace Education Program. This video, produced by Celebrate Life Events, features perspectives on the event from some of the attendees.

Appeal Results: Thank You for Making a World of Difference

During the June “World of Difference” Appeal, more than 1,100 donors from 48 countries topped the goal of raising $150,000 and contributed a total of $179,399 to The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). Throughout the appeal, TPRF released four new videos that highlight the impact of TPRF initiatives and they are available to watch in this post.

It Takes a Village: Peace Education for Seniors in Denver, Colorado

Karen Beem recently facilitated her first Peace Education Program workshops at Kentucky Circle Village, the senior community where she lives in Denver, Colorado. Participants expressed appreciation for how the program helped them gain a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves.