Peace Education Videos

This gallery features TPRF videos that show the impact of the Peace Education Program, forums with Prem Rawat, and other peace education initiatives.

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Introduction to Myself: An Inmate’s Process of Self-Discovery Through Peace Education

Tony Cobb has been incarcerated for 28 years, struggling with the haunting memories of an abusive childhood. Attending the Peace Education Program is giving him a new understanding of life and inspiring him to write: “I have a sweet, beautiful reality waiting to be discovered inside. I now step with knowledge, with the freedom of doing things with clarity.”

Peace Education Program Reinvigorates Seniors

The Peace Education Program has changed the equation for a group of seniors in Quito, Ecuador, giving them a reinvigorated sense of dignity and hope as they face the challenges of aging.

What I Learned from the Peace Education Program: An Inmate’s Perspective on Peace

Luis Calderon, an inmate at Everglades Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida shares how the Peace Education Program has had a profound impact on his perspective. “When we let inner peace be the natural, guiding force in our lives, then joy – for life, for love, for contentment, for clarity – sprouts from our being,” he says.